Friday, November 25, 2005

Network adventures continue: Wired in da boudoir!

...well, the bedroom anyway.

This was the second-to-last cable run, one of the longer ones, and certainly a tricky one.

Man, I'm getting good at this cable-fishing business. One part of it required running the fish through a 1/2 inch hole, 4 feet up a diagonal (underside of a staircase) and then catching a string I'd lowered in from the top of the diagonal - catching it blind of course!

Anyhow, only one cable run to go. Then some clean up, tie-wrapping of cables, move the xbox up to the bedroom and move the media-center PC down to the family room. Also going to get a print server for the two printers so we can access them from any PC. Then I'm done!

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