Sunday, November 27, 2005

Network adventures continue: Da network shuffle

OK, Xbox moved up to bedroom, Media center PC moved from office to media room. The latter may move back to the office when I can get my hands on an Xbox360 which might be a while.

I bought print server and ran the cable for it into the crawlspace, but didn't get into the crawlspace to do the final run to the media panel. Saving that for next weekend.

The media center PC is going from what I guess was my 'beta test' (using it to record and watch movies and one or two shows) to the full 'field test' (using it as the family's primary DVR). If all goes well for a few weeks, I'll be putting the ReplayTV up for sale on Ebay (which should just about cover all the money I've sunk into the home networking project :-)

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