Thursday, November 17, 2005

iNumBloggers--; a.k.a. My blog needs an enema.

Will (linked over on the right) has opted out of the "blogosphere" (shudder - hate that term).

Not sure his reasons, but oh well, so be it. Will, we hardly knew ye!

This led to an impossible slippery slope of to-do's on my part.

- Should remove link to Will's blog from my template.

- Hmm... should probably update that whole list. Some are rarely updated (Jane, Jen...) or impossibly slow (Tim, what are you hosted on? an abacus?) , and there are others whose feeds are on my page but whom I haven't gotten around to linking to on my blog. (aside, I guess was the predecessor for ? Should probably start using that but there doesn't seem to be a migration tool...)

- So then I start thinking that other bits of my blog are out of date: Book lists (those were NOT the last books I read, btw).

- Which leads me to a bunch of other things I've been meaning to do regarding my online presence: register a domain, more powerful blogging service and/or software, book reviews, photo repository (flickr? host my own?), have been thinking about dabbling in podcasting... the list goes on. For that matter, the name should change. I don't write much code anymore, and the pitching manure thing was a tongue in cheek comment about my former life as an evangelist.

Now all that being said, let's get back to fundamentals: I'm busy; I enjoy doing this but don't want it to suck too much time (and I just don't want it to suck too much, period); and I want to create as much content as I like while learning as little about the plumbing as I need to. I have very little interest in authoring scripts, become a .NETophile, etc.

So, what to do?

Tentative plan now is to spend some spare cycles over the next month studying different options. Over Xmas break I can probably migrate stuff if I in fact decide to do so. KimBlog2.0 anyone?

In the meantime, I welcome suggestions on content, likes/dislikes, and what options y'all use. Also, anyone tried migrating from blogger to something else and taken all their content with them? Possible?


Anonymous said...

At least change your freakin' location, eh?!

Anonymous said...

i wanted to switch to blogger at some point, but didn't because they didn't provide any way to import data

KimPallister said...

John: Done.

Billy: Yep, they are limited for a number of reasons. Was nice to get me started, but for year 2 I may want some more features.