Monday, November 14, 2005

Network adventures continue: IT'S ALIVE!!!

After Sunday's NINE (!) hour marathon session of fishing ethernet cable from my media panel (through crawlspace, up through wall, outside house, through conduit, into walls...) to the office, I finally went "live" with the network yesterday.

Media panel now houses the cable modem, wireless access point & router, and 10/100 switch (which will be swapped for a gigabit switch when money allows). Six of the eventual 12-ish ports are live, and my gaming rig, Media Center PC, Xbox, ReplayTV and work laptop are all connected.

Still much work to do, but it's nice to FINALLY have something connected, and things are a lot more clean looking with cables just plugged into the walls and not running along floors with routers & switches sitting around on desktops.

I'm going to hook up the media extender kit for the xbox now, cause I wants to see me some networked DVR action!

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