Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fight the Power!(ful deodorant advergame)

OK, people have had enough of sophmoric game content, but who expected this:

  • "Deodorant manufacturer AXE met with protests at the University of Oregon, where it was using game kiosks running PC game Mojo Master, which drew the ire of student groups. The promotional game, developed by WildTangent, involves weakening successive stages where the player must weaken a woman's resistance and obtain her phone number. Protestors decried what they saw as the sexist message of the game, carrying signs that said "F*ck the white, patriarchal, heterosexist, capitalist PARADIGM" and "My body is NOT a game!", according to the Oregon Daily Emerald student paper. "Pretty much all I can say is nothing like this ever happened before," said spokesman Nick Ferrara of the protests."

(From Gamasutra)

One has to wonder if the person holding the "my body is not a game" sign was a woman offended by the sexism, or a man who takes his personal hygiene *very* seriously... :-)

Plus, how dot-commed have we all become that protesters carry signs saying "F*ck the PARADIGM!"?

The world is a crazy place.

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KimPallister said...

I have no idea either.

I just like the idea of them being caught off-guard by a bunch of "social upheaval" wannabe's, and not even grokking what's wrong