Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bruce Campbell speaks at MSR

I was perusing the library of MSR talks that get recorded and put online, and amongst the speakers they had was none other than Bruce Cambell of zombie-killin' fame.

He's actually a pretty articulate and amusing speaker.

Amongst some choice answers during his Q&A:

Q: What was your favorite movie to make?
A: Difficult question. I have a beleif that movies that are easy to make are difficult to watch.

Q: (Something about hollywood vs b-movies)
A: War of the Worlds, Bewitched, Spiderman, Batman Begins (again!?!).... Hollywood IS making B-movies. Just with more money. Then they wonder why no one's going to the theaters.

He's also not afraid to mince words about his thoughts about various hollywood celebrities.

Too bad it's not linked externally, but for MS-ites, it's worth a look. Some observations about the indie film scene have some insights that will be useful for the games world as well.

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