Sunday, November 5, 2006

We're gettin' short changed!

Originally uploaded by Kim Pallister.
Someone at the office brought in a bunch of Japanese candy to put in their "it's halloween, come by my office and slip off your low carb diet" bowl.

Banana Kit Kat?!? Green Tea Kit Kat?!?!!

Why don't we get any of these cool flavors here. I want!

Green tea is awesome, btw. I've cleared him out. Time to get back on the wagon.


archie4oz said...

As is green tea ice cream (or green tea and vanilla mix), but good luck getting any unless you live near a Japanese neighborhood (luckily I do), otherwise you're stuck with sushi restaurants. Also it's next to impossible to get it as soft serve like it is in Japan as well... :(

Anonymous said...

heavy use of the interrobang there!