Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Best Xbox Achievement Since 'Pacifist'

Perhaps better.

The GeoWars 'pacifist' achievement (survive 120 seconds without shooting anything) was pretty high on the 'water cooler conversation' scale.

Last week's XLA release, Small Arms, has an achievement called 'six degees of small arms'. You can only earn it by playing multiplayer online with someone that already has it.

So who has it initially? Only the members of the Small Arms development team!

(I sure I hope someone is tracking/graphing the proliferation of that achievement. Coolness!)


Anonymous said...


Tony Hawk's Project 8 has an achievement you can only get by beating a member of the dev team in an online competition (or by beating someone who already has the achievement). Same thing - pretty cool. It should be hard to do too, as likely the dev team is sick of playing it, and probably very, very good at it. It might be a while before someone on the dev team screws up and loses to someone who's really not very good, an then the achievement will spread like wildfire. I agree - I hope someone tracks it.

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