Sunday, November 19, 2006

Presentation Postscript

OK, last presentation-related post for a bit. I promise.

Several people pointed out to me that what I referred to as 'minimalist style' (in my MIGS talk prep post) that Dick Hardt used, is often referred to as 'Lessig Method' , named for Stanford law prof Lawrence Lessig. Lessig's Free Culture talk from a few years back is a must see. So see it here. The Lessig method is more 'minimalist text-only', and there's a parallel path of 'minimalist image-only'. People like Clint Hocking and Seth Godin use an effective mix of both and it's certainly what I was going for. More on Seth's approach here.

As you'll see from the links above, Steve Lacey was kind enough to point out the awesome site that is Presentation Zen. Subscribed!

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