Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gears of War commentary

Just a quick commentary on Gears of War. I got back from MIGS'06 to find a copy waiting for me (we get complimentary copies of all MGS published titles - eat yer heart out!), so I've spent a little time playing the past two nights.

Despite all the hype, I really was expecting a tried-n-true formula shooter with shiny graphics. I really was ready to not like this game. Boy was I wrong! I really am enjoying it.

- Yes, it's very bump-mappy/shiny/shadery. (not a plus or a minus, just expected)
- There's some kind of post-processing filter/shader that they are doing on the screen that has some weird artifacts when you turn up the brightness, as I have to do on my ancient projector.
- The combo of heavy use of duck-and-cover and team-based-tactical gameplay is, to my knowledge, really innovative. I haven't played every shooter out there, but this feels WAY different (and better), than the squad portions of Half Life 2 and Medal of Honor. I really feel like I'm part of the squad, that my teammates need my help, that I need to work with them.
- I still hate game controllers for shooters. I may go back and play this game again on PC just so I can have my mouse.
- Best use of rumble EVAR! When you get hold of one of the enemy turrets and wind it up to speed, it feels like total Rambo-meets-Predator mayhem. I dunno what it's going to do to battery life on the wireless controller but who cares. It's also effectivly used for ground shaking due to ominous underground creatures coming up.
- The close-combat control feels messy and imprecise, but maybe that's intentional? Maybe you should feel panicked and sloppy and desperate when an alien is taking swipes at your head.

Anyhow. If you have a 360 and like mayhem, go buy! In the meantime, I have to go look up how to beat this Beserker thing because it's totally kicking my butt!


Anonymous said...

berserkers won't hear you if you walk slowly. also they can smell you so don't get too close to them. that level was great with them blasting through walls and such.

another cool feature was the crouch and run holding down the 'a' button.

i beat RAAM 2 nights ago, that was rough. also logged in to play some 12 year olds. got majorly skooled.

if we're logged in together we can do co-op as you/we work through levels.

great great game. finished novice level and started hardcore. i've never played through the same game twice, this is the first.

i agree about the clutsy close in control stuff. feels frustrating, but its probably just like real life like back in 'nam.

Mark said...

hey, did you notice that the ps3 launched? :-)

Pappy said...

ah.... I thought I heard gunfire near the Best Buy the other night. That explains it. :)

this site (and hence Cody), rocks!