Saturday, June 10, 2006

Back home

Apologies for the lack of posting over the past few days. I was in sunny (very sunny. and hot!) Phoenix Arizona for our group's annual morale trip.

Alisa's parents came to town and watched the kids while she and I spent 3 days and nights at the Pointe South Mountain Resort, where we did... NOTHING! Which was very good for morale, IMHO!

Some highlights:

  • Great time hangin' with the casual games group, late night drinking and pool dippin'
  • Had an awesome conversation with some of the folks on the India team (who were in Seattle for business and got to tag this trip onto their itinerary). Was a pleasure meeting Sumit Mehra in person. Sumit and I exchanged some blog commentary before I joined casual games and before he joined MS. Now we both work for MS Casual Games. Small world! Anyhow, we had a great conversation about the growing games scene (both playing, & development) in India. I hope to do a lengthy post about the subject of that conversation, when I have more time.
  • Based on Clint's glowing write-up, I picked up Alan Moore's Watchmen, and tore through it while relaxing poolside. It really is good. I'd been meaning for a while to pick up a graphic novel/comic, not having read any for 20+ years, but didn't know where to start.

Today I spent the day running errands and cooking a very yummy thai coconut-peanut chicken on the Bar-B-Q (like a beer can chicken, but with a can of coconut milk. Yum! Tonight just a quick post or two before catching up on work.

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JimC said...

Kim, that chicken sounds awesome. Can you post the recipe?