Sunday, June 4, 2006

Rough Day

Had to have one of my dogs, Buddy, put down today. Buddy'd been with us for 10 or 11 years, since we were in Montreal.

He was getting old and suffering somewhat from a variety of ailments. Arthritic (aggravated by two knee surgeries when he was younger), blind in one eye, a tumor on his gum, etc, etc. The kicker, however was that he was getting a bit senile and had spells where he was getting quite aggressive with us. We were worried that if it happened with the kids, it could be quite serious. That he was increasingly becoming confused about exactly where "indoors" and "outdoors" was when it was time to pee, well, that didn't help any either.

Anyhow, I took him this afternoon and that's that.

I rented "Grandma's Boy" on recommendation of a couple friends. It's got it's funny moments. I didn't think it's portrayal of game developers & testers to be too accurate, but it's portrayals of pot dealers was right on the money! (At least those I crossed paths with, back in the days of my youth).

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Dan said...

I feel your pain, Kim. We had to put Otter to sleep last October, and I miss that little beagle every day.

Did Tom & Jenny ever get a chance to form a relationship with Buddy, or did their age + his surliness & "I-was-here-first" issues (Otter had some o' those) preclude it?

If you need it, I really did find the quotes I used in my post about Otter to be helpful. I hope they bring you a little comfort.

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