Thursday, June 1, 2006

Solo'ing a 40 man raid

OK, I'm not a WoW fan, as I've said before. Still, this story about one man's plans to control 40 instanced characters at once (on 40 PC's running 40 purchased copies of WoW) in order to solo a 40-man raid, is really awesome.



Anonymous said...

It is also fucking stupid. Awesome stupid - I got as far as $600/month and $20,000 worth of computing equipment and said, this is a man who should use that incredible speed and coordination to pleasure either himself or a wonan, a whole whack'o'women.

I can also say that I have a neighbor that regularly gets up EARLY to play an hour or two of WoW, and has rescheduled beery actvities to play the game... and he seems normal. This is definately a market in and of iteself.

Anonymous said...

LOL, a post I never would expect to see on Kim's blog. :)

With enough scripting, this is very feasible. Tedious, yes. But challenging and very rewarding. Being a part of a raid is repetitive through most encounters. Everyone has a roll to play.

Technically, you can run more than one instance of WoW on a given system, so those costs are inflated. You can get a given character to level 60 in 10-ish days, and nothing would stop him from leveling all 40 at once. :) With enough time off (and personal stamina), he could accomplish this goal in a month or two. The biggest limitation would be gearing up the characters to survive Ragnaros, which is a non-trivial encounter.

KimPallister said...

I have to agree with John. $600/month and $20k worth of equipment could be used for an altogether different version of "solo'ing a 40 (wo)man raid"

snicker snicker.