Friday, January 13, 2006

2005 - the year in cities

Noticed over on that this is becoming a bit of a meme.

Go ahead, blog your cities for 2005. Anywhere you were at least overnight. Here's mine:

Toronto, Ontario
Las Vegas, NV
San Jose, CA
Annaheim, CA
Montreal, Quebec
San Francisco, CA
Big White, BC
Seattle, WA
Los Angeles, CA
Montreal, CA
Tokyo, Japan

Definitely a smaller list than past years. I'd like to think it's because I've chosen to travel less due to family, but truth is that's only part of the reason. The job change and move was a big part of it too. We'll see what it looks like in 2006.


Anonymous said...

Here's my list - also a little smaller than previous years, but not too shabby :-)

Austin, TX
Boston, MA
Boothbay, ME
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Markham, Canada
Moscow, Russia
Niagara Falls, Canada
Palm Island, FL
Pittsburgh, PA
Raleigh, NC
Salem, VA
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA

Now that I look at this list - I hope 2006 produces a shorter one for me!

Anonymous said...

Ok, this one I will bite on, although this is a partial list as I can't remember them all:

Stuttgart, DE
Munich, DE
Reutlingen, DE
Shenzhen, CN
Hong Kong, CN
Shanghai, CN x3
Beijing, CN
Orlando, FL
Montreal, QC
Perth, NB (Home!)
Hunstville, AL
Irvine, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Phoenix, AZ
Istanbul, Turkey
Madrid, ES
Amsterdam, NL
Copenhagen, DEN
Silkeborg, DEN
Newport, RI
Honolulu, HI
Washington, DC

KimPallister said...

OK, John wins so far, but Deloura has yet to respond!

Will: Moscow! That's awesome. I'm envious.