Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A peek "inside"?

Intel appears to have it's first "sanctioned" blog. It's an IT group, so relatively safe harbor in which to start (no manufacturing, release date, benchmark numbers, etc, to worry about getting leaked; hopefully some insight into big ideas in IT, done on IA).

The syntax of the ULR ( would lead us to beleive that other /groupacronym/ departments will follow (though the nightmare of re-direct management required post-reorg is daunting!). I really think there's a lot wrong with the current corporate culture that simply talking to customers (oems, developers, end users) at all levels would help address.

Kudos to these guys for cracking the "iron curtain". There were individual bloggers (like yours truly) while I was there, and there was a grassroots movement to get PR, marketing and legal to ok 'official' blogging, but it was an uphill battle against a very old-school mentality. First one is always the hardest.


Anonymous said...

Kim - yes it's great to see IT has blogs. We've had them on the software site for several months now -

KimPallister said...

Hey Bill,

Cool. Nice to see SSG (if you are still called that) leading the way.

I'm curious just how much leeway people have been given. Have posts been forcefully retracted? Has anyone posted something highly critical of Intel (say... about using analytical tools to determine someone's value in order to decide who to lay off, or about focal, or about ViiV or something?)

That'll be the true test of the degree of transparency.

Anonymous said...

Please- it's the same old shuck and jive at the buggy whip factory.

More from my big mouth after the 20th WHEN that parachute check has been cashed.

Anonymous said...

Yep, still called SSG.

There is a great deal of leeway in what people can post. No posts have been retracted to date. There have been a couple of controversial posts that have spawned some internal debates.

We know we're still learning how to blog, how to push the culture to open up, etc. The good news is that mgmt is very supportive of our efforts and is encouraging us to be controversial.