Wednesday, October 11, 2006

He sure shoots a mean pinball

Via BoingBoing, I was pointed to this display of Kevin Tiell's pictures of pinball machines that are just fantastic. I'm really taken by them.

I'm going to call and ask about pricing for the prints. I really love the combination of the vivid colors, geometric play from the camera placement and setup, and how both nicely contrast the wear and tear and the dated artistic style of the (mostly old 60's through 70's woodrail) pinball machines.


Anonymous said...

Hey, lemme know what he says! I want some too!

KimPallister said...

I contacted them and prints are:

- 11x14 -- starting at $350
- 20x30 -- starting at $500

I say 'starting' because they are limited runs (so the gallery claims) numbered 1 through N (where I think N was 20? 50?) and the price goes up as they get closer to the 'final' print