Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Great MMO Presentation

This presentation by Nick Yee, given at the Palo Alto Research Center, is a must see. It's 45 minutes long but full of interesting stuff.

The section on "reasons people play" (he lists over a dozen) was probably the best answer to the question of why people play games at all. The fact there are so many reasons is probably a good indicator of why people never agree, and the fact that he doesn't boil it down to a single sound byte is why it's a great answer.

The portion on persecution of gold farmers was scary. The portion on game addiction was insightful and moving. The concluding slide on TV usage almost had me applauding in front of my PC!

Oh, and while I'd heard many a reference to "Leroy Jenkins", I'd never actually seen the video clip. Hee hee. Funny.

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