Sunday, March 5, 2006


My old buddies at Matrox have intro'd a pretty nifty product.

I was running a Parhelia for a long time in my system at home until a combo of HL2 taxing it too much and the Vista beta wanting a little more graphics mips made me upgrade.

Unfortunately, I had to give up the sweet "surround gaming" triple monitor setup that only that card offered. But now they've intro'd a pretty nifty bit of tech that serves as an external breakout box for your Nvidia or ATI card and makes your 3 monitors look like one WIDE monitor.

Oh boy. Need me that screen real estate!

When I had this setup previously, I played UT2k4 and Medal of Honor (among other titles) start to finish with the wide aspect ratio and it was totally killer.

Good for productivity too. It was sweet for editing big-ass powerpoint presos in thumbnail view. You could lay out 3 screens worth of thumbnails and actually read all the text on them.

Now I just need them to ship it!!! I really mis my 3840*1024 desktop setup. :-(

I'll post some notes on how well the gizmo works once I get hold of one.

(on a 'strange bedfellows' note: Old enemies ATI & Nvidia should suddenly love these guys for this. This is going to eat a little fill rate, to say the least).


Anonymous said...

This is a signal splitter, plain and simple. People have been making these in the AV industry forever. Many high-end projectors with signal loop-through will do this. Note, from their online information, your GPU has to support the output mode (3840x1024) to make it happen... not a bad thing to bring to the masses. I wonder if many games support that resolution?

KimPallister said...

You'd nkow better than me, display-array-dude. However, I think there's some cleverness with the plug-n-play monitor detection DDC stuff, to make it 'appear' as one monitor automagically.

>I wonder if many games support that resolution?

There's quite a few that run on HL, Epic, or Id engines, which all do. How much it's auto-setup for you or you need to go edit a config file is TBD (withthe parhelia, I had to go edit some bits here and there.)

JimC said...

Why not go bigger with this 24-screen display (10240x3072)?


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