Saturday, May 14, 2005

"You know, you were once held by a lesbian"

...among the funny things my mother has uttered this week while visiting.

My wife and her mom have been in Japan on a 10 day trip (today is day 8), and my mom flew in to help me watch the twins. It's been a lot of fun catching up, hearing childhood stories (hers and mine), and it's been fun dusting off my french (we've been speaking mostly french all week).

Quebecois french is funny because they've picked up a lot of English words and then "frenchified" them.


  • From the song "Le Centre D'Achats" by Les Colocs, "Bulldozer" is changed to "Bulldozeur"
  • A term for small jobs (e.g. chores or such), is "Jobines" (pronounced job-in with the S being silent). So the english 'job' rather than 'travaux', or 'tache' (work, task), but then the -ine is added much as you'd add -let in english (book, booklet)

Anyhow, has been fun.

In other news: Rented the life aquatic. Pretty funny and I loved the sountrack. Waiting to see if impulse-buy urge wears off and if not will buy.

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