Friday, May 6, 2005

"I'm just going to poke you in the eye..."

I went for my consultation app't for my Lasik surgery the other day. They had to measure the thickness of my cornea, which involved poking it with a high-precision version of a stud-finder (why do those always end up pointing at me? )

So they put some anesthetic drops in and start poking.

Man is having your cornea tinkered with cool.

I'd had a similar experience when I was a bike courier (many years, many pounds, ago) and got a shard of metal in my eye, and the doctor had to remove it. When they poke or pull at it, the world distorts like you are looking in a circus mirror. It's like a crazy pixel shader demo :-)

Maybe when this is all over I should make a pixel shader demo that simulates all the stages of lasik surgery as seen by the patient.

Next step: Taking a block-plane to my cornea - which they'll do at the beginning of the surgery. Fun!

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