Tuesday, April 26, 2005

La Rant Du Pomme

I bought an MP3 player the other day. I wanted a decent flash-based one, and the 1Gb players have gotten pretty reasonable.

I bought a Samsung 1Gb "Yep" player, and am pretty happy so far.

I like the Ipod. It's interface is very cool, and it's the sexiest piece of consumer electronics next to the PSP. However, this Ipod Shuffle crap burns me up.

Selling a device with no display and then saying "life is random" is akin to selling a TV with no remote, a random number generator for changing channels, and then telling consumers "watch it all". What a load of crap. Do people really buy this stuff? Don't answer that. Evidently they do.

Perhaps MS, rather than fixing bugs in Windows should just market it correctly: "Coffee breaks are random. Here, take it from Bono."

On a related note, I got a mail from my friend Tim who works at Pomme. He said he was walking the halls and passed The Edge. I told him he should have said "you're The Edge? I'm The Tim. Have to go. I'm in The Hurry".

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Mark said...

I think the main selling point of the Shuffle is just that it's so damn small. I'm tempted to get one, because it's about the same size as a USB flash drive and would be easy to stick in a pocket when I go out for a walk.