Thursday, July 6, 2006

PR Stunt of +2 World Impact

Some marketing person at Nintendo deserves a VERY big raise for this PR stunt.

Everyone in the game-blogosphere (me too now) is blogging the news that Nintendo sent president Bush a copy of Brain Age and a DS lite for his 60th birthday.

If he never receives it, it's still the best $250 (DS+game+shipping+giftwrap) ever spent for PR. Effing brilliant.

And if he does get it, and it makes a teency-weency impact on the guy's IQ... well, hey, that could have an impact somewhere, no? (this assertion works whether you love or hate him :-)

From the letter they sent him:

Dear President Bush:

Happy Birthday!

Don't worry, turning 60 is an exciting milestone. As you know, you've joined millions of other baby boomers in an invigorating new decade of your life. And, like many boomers, you may be looking for ways to keep your mind sharp. That's where we come in.

Please accept our gift of a new Nintendo DS Lite system and a copy of Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day. You now join millions of people around the world who have fun challenging themselves with Brain Age. If you have never played a video game before, don't worry. Brain Age is part of our new Touch Generations brand, which includes games that are easy for people of any age - regardless of their video game experience - to pick up and start playing immediately.

It's obvious you don't have a lot of time to play games, which makes Brain Age such a great activity for you - just a few minutes a day with more than 15 daily training tests will help keep your mind sharp. Training tests include categories like math, reading and memorization. Try it for a few days and watch your score improve. Brain Age also comes with more than 100 sudoku puzzles - these could make your next long flight on Air Force One a bit more fun! (Perhaps copies of Brain Age for journalists joining you on your next flight would be a nice distraction!)Have fun exploring Brain Age with your Nintendo DS Lite and be sure to let us know your brain age!

Have a tremendous birthday!


Your Friends at Nintendo

From Rocky Mountain News via 1up via GameTab via Robin.

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